About Us

DELTA DO BRASIL Ltda. (“DELTA DO BRASIL”) is committed to implementing, carrying out and maintaining ethical business practices and procedures. It is with sincerity and conviction that we strive to be a good Corporate Citizen operating in many locations that are within ecologically critical zones. DELTA DO BRASIL will comply with existing environmental laws, policies, practices, and procedures in the Countries where it conducts business. DELTA DO BRASIL’s core business is Columbite, tantalite and tin – so called “Conflict Minerals” due to the fact that mining of these minerals in some countries helped fuel war and human rights violations. DELTA DO BRASIL produces these minerals from our mines in Brazil and was never and will never be involved in any mining activities in conflict areas.

DELTA DO BRASIL is committed to developing its mineral assets through sound exploration practices in order to identify, bring forth and develop viable projects so as to maximize shareholder value for all of our investors.